Cherry Chia Elixir

 Winter’s in full-swing and we’re starting to feel it slowing us down. We find it harder to make it to the gym or go for an evening jog, and due to the lack of exercise, we aren’t sleeping our greatest. It can seem like a vicious circle during these cold months, but we have new […]
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Champagne Guide!

Choosing the perfect bottle of Champagne can be overwhelming. Champagne is pricey, and everything that is included on the labels can look like a complicated algebra equation. If you aren’t familiar with Champagne’s production methods, regional differences, producers, and growers the process can be intimidating! Let us also remind you that not all sparkling wine […]
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Last Minute Gift Guide!

There’s still time to check off everyone on your list! The experts at Plum Market have your last minute gifting concerns covered. From Foodies and Coffee Lovers, to those who love to Entertain and the Girls-On-The-Go, we have something for everyone. Scroll down for our Last Minute 2016 Holiday Gifting Guide. Give great gifts, with taste […]
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Red Wine Hot Cocoa

 It’s safe to say that winter is no longer in hiding. We can’t say we like the bitter cold, but we can definitely cheers to roaring fireplaces, indulging in comfort food favorites, sipping hot chocolate, and bold red wines. So here’s to winter for bringing back our favorite cozy pastimes. Celebrate the wintery-weekend with a […]
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Kosher Wine Guide

Thou Shall Not Settle For Bad Kosher Wine…Plum Market Co-Founder, Marc Jonna, recently had the pleasure of attending the Kosher Wine and Food Show in New York where he tasting over 100 wines. Detroit Jewish News asked him to create a Kosher Wine Guide to assist with busy holiday shoppers this season.  The wines below […]
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New Orleans-Style Barbecue Shrimp

 Who doesn’t love living large?  Maybe that’s why these Wild Caught Large Gulf Shrimp are such a favorite! Prized for their large size, sweet flavor, and crunchy texture, these shrimp are succulent and meaty, perfect for Creole recipes. Coat with garlic, rosemary, and Creole spices, simmer until cooked, then slather with a homemade BBQ Sauce for […]
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