Originally posted on Boarshead.com.

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  • 6 each – 6″ Flour tortilla
  • ½ tbsp – Olive oil
  • 2 each – Red and Green Peppers, diced
  • 2 each – Tomatoes, diced
  • 1 each – Red Onion, Small, diced
  • ½ cup – Fresh cilantro – chopped
  • ½ lb – Blazing Buffalo Style Roasted Chicken Breast, sliced thick, then cubed
  • ¼ lb – Muenster Cheese, cubed



  1. Lightly brush 6 small flour tortillas on both sides with olive oil.
  2. Take a 12-cup muffin pan and flip over, then place tortillas in between the cups to create a shallow bowl.
  3. Bake until golden and firm in a 375 degree oven, about 15 minutes.Transfer to a wire rack to cool. Repeat this process to create as many tortilla cups as you may need.
  4. For the filling, combine diced colored peppers, tomatoes, red onions and cilantro, then divide between the tortilla cups.
  5. Finally, top the tortilla cups with the main event: Boars Head Blazing Buffalo Chicken, sliced thick and cubed, and Boars Head Muenster Cheese, also sliced thick and cubed.