Events at the WineBar Ann Arbor North Campus

3601 Plymouth Rd


Join the Plum Market Wine Team for these fun and informative tastings. The Plum Market Wine Team will provide a light-hearted exploration of the newest and best products available. Reservations are not necessary unless otherwise noted. All tastings commence at 6:30 pm and end at 8 pm, unless otherwise stated. Products will be available for purchase on site. For premium tastings, a link for on-line ticket sales is provided. The price per event does not include tax. Located in the Lounge of Ann Arbor–North Campus.


thurs29Portugal and its Wine Diversity | Thursday, November 29 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Portugal is a country in the Iberian Peninsula which has had a long history of winemaking and also consumption.  The legendary Ports and Madeiras are of course first and foremost, with the refreshing Vinho Verde as possibly the second most imporatnt export.  But Portugal also has a few notable regions like the Dao, Douro, and Alentejo, not to mention the region around Lisboa where we might find some fruit-forward wines at tremendous values.  We will jumble through some of these regions and try some of the grapes which do not roll easily out of our tongues.  Many Ann Arborites have visited this relatively inexpensive country lately and come back asking us for its wines, tonight we’ll get to explore together. Purchase Tickets Online.

thurs6Regal Nebbiolo | Thursday, December 6 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Nebbiolo is considered to be one of the truly great wine varieties, by anyone’s measure, producing long-lived reds prized by collectors. Its best wines are almost exclusively contained within the Piedmont, a province in Italy’s far northeast.  Barolo and Barbaresco are its most noble ambassadors, but this notoriously tannic, but highly aromatic grape incarnates beautifully in other appellations including Nebbiolo Langhe, Gattinara, Ghemme and Lessona. Venturing further north into alpine Valtellina, Nebbiolo is called Chiavennasca.  One of its “thumbprints” is a moderate color that shows a yellow or orange rim even in youth.  “The classic romanticized description of Barolo is “tar and roses”; the best may also smell of cherries, violets and black licorice or truffles and have rich, chewy, deep and long-lasting flavors. Good Nebbiolo can harmonize with the richest, strongest-flavored meats and stews, as well as dry, aged cheeses.”  Purchase tickets online. 

thurs13The Best Gifts? Our Favorite Wines of the Year! | Thursday, December 13 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20  
The Wine Team here at Ann Arbor North Campus gets to taste plenty of wine all the time, samples provided by our suppliers and importers.  We’re all quality obsessed and very choosy about which wines will get to be part of our “set”, the array that is presented to you on our ever-changing shelves, racks and stacks.  It’s fulfilling and a little thrilling when we’re in total agreement on a wine!  In this, one of our last tasting events of 2018, and just before the holidays, we’re excited to share our very favorite finds of the year, wines that we just can’t forget. You can be sure to sample an eclectic range of sparklers, whites, and reds from all over the world, all great expressions of their type, and at all price points.  We can promise for sure that any-and-all of these wines will make a sensational gift for someone!” Purchase tickets online.                

thurs20All That Sparkles | Thursday, December 20 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Welcome to our Annual All-Sparkling Tasting (Party!), right in the heart of the holidays.  Tonight our line-up is truly eclectic, with palate cleansing stars from everywhere.  French Champagne leads the pack, of course, with the great houses, “Grand Marques”, represented and artisan growers too.  We’re covering the whole range of styles – rosé, vintage, multi-vintage, extra brut, the works.  The best of American Champagne-style wine is on hand, as well as top Spanish Cava, German Sekt, and Metodo Classico from Italy’s Franciacorta.  Knowing us, one or two oddball beauties will also be in tow.  We’ll be serving plenty of crunchy-yummy munchies.  Sign up fast as these bubbly events always sell out. Purchase tickets online.