Events at the WineBar Ann Arbor North Campus

3601 Plymouth Rd


Join the Plum Market Wine Team for these fun and informative tastings. The Plum Market Wine Team will provide a light-hearted exploration of the newest and best products available. Reservations are not necessary unless otherwise noted. All tastings commence at 6:30 pm and end at 8 pm, unless otherwise stated. Products will be available for purchase on site. For premium tastings, a link for on-line ticket sales is provided. The price per event does not include tax. Located in the Lounge of Ann Arbor–North Campus.



thurs25Mysterious Burgundy Demystified | Thursday, July 25  | 6:30 to 8pm | $25
Simply put, White Burgundy is Chardonnay and Red Burgundy is Pinot Noir. Still, for many, there is a sense of mystery concerning Burgundy, a.k.a. ‘Bourgogne’; intimidation even. For others, there is that special, elusive, individuality which is . . . Burgundy! Those who ‘get it’ can become obsessed with it. For the rest of us, there can be misperception or frustration.  Led by Plum’s Rod Johnson, we will deconstruct Burgundy for you and, thereby, unlock all of its ‘mysteries’. We will visit all its regions: Chablis, Côte d’Or (both Nuits and Beaune), Côte Chalonnaise and the Mâconnais and present a range of wines, both red and white, from regional all the way up to Grand Cru! “What?” You say you can’t find value-based Burgundy? No worries! We have discovered quite a few and will offer many for your tasting pleasure. Fine producers whose wines that may appear include – Domaine Arnoux, Domaine Matrot, Domaine Jean Chartron, Domaine Jean-Marc Boillot, Domain Fabrice Larochette, Domaine Fourrey, Domaine Raymond Dupont-Fahn, Domaine des Perdrix, Château Chamirey, Domaine Collotte and Vincent Girardin.  What a rare treat! Purchase tickets online.

thurs1Rosé Part Deux | Thursday, August 1 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Now that welcome warmth is here to stay, it’s only right that we show you a super selection of charming rosé wines from all over France.  Americans have enthusiastically embraced the category of dry pink wine, and its versatility at any table and occasion. At this time of year, we’re inundated with a dizzying array of rosés from all over the world, some cranked out to capitalize on the genre. We buy only the best, rosés made with quality intent, from fruit specifically grown for the purpose. Kermit Lynch’s French family estates deliver excellence year after year and will be represented, as will other importers and their wines which we have loved for years. The array of appellations is impressive, and includes Burgundy’s Beaujolais and Marsannay, the Loire’s Bourgueil and Cheverny, Bandol and Tavel from the south.  And Provence, of course! Purchase tickets online. 

thurs8Beyond Champagne – Refreshing Summer Sparklers | Thursday, August 8 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Wine with bubbles can come from anywhere in the world where still wine is produced! And it’s not reserved just for special occasions any more. (We can thank modest Prosecco for putting bubbles easily into our hands… French Champagne itself has inspired winemakers from all over the world to work with their own native grapes and different methods of production. This bubbly celebration will explore premium Prosecco di Valdobiaddene from Italy, Crémants from Alsace and Burgundy (always méthode classique), fine Spanish Cava, and German Sekt. We’ll also venture into the New World with a Michigan beaut and a Champagne method sparkling from Cali. We may include sweetish Clairette de Die from southern France. Let’s remember that that sparkling wine is the most versatile food-friendly, solving pairing problems with glee. Tonight we’re making accessible the widest array of great non-Champagne wines! Purchase tickets online. 

thurs15Best Values on the Planet – Wines Around $10!  | Thursday, August 15 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
“Back to School” means buying laptops, cell phones, printers, all sorts of pricey electronics, and expensive textbooks, digital or print versions. We’re going to make it easy to keep on sipping really good wine all along, because our definition of “value” is wine that tastes more expensive than it actually is!  This tasting is chock full of shockingly good wines that way over-deliver in their price points. What kinds of wine? From everywhere – European, American, earthy, fruity, rosé, white, red, the whole gamut of styles.  Who doesn’t adore a great deal? Purchase tickets online.

thurs22Noble Chardonnay | Thursday, August 22 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
“Chardonnay” is instantly recognized as “white wine”, but not always understood to be a grape variety! Its most famous expression is White Burgundy (Puligny-Montrachet, Chablis), but Chardonnay is an enthusiastic world traveler with unlimited quality potential, happily responding to a many a winemaker’s vision. If you walk into a barrel room of freshly made Chard, it smells like thousands of just-cut apples laced with fresh vanilla bean! Made in to a Blanc de Blancs Champagne, it will resonate with chalky minerality.  Crafted through malolactic fermentation, it smells like buttered popcorn. Grown in California’s Central Coast, its pineapple-mango-melon notes are positively tropical. We’ll present the widest range of Chards: White Burgundy and Champagne for sure, Italy, multiple West Coast AVA’s, New Zealand, South Africa, oaked, un-oaked, buttery, austere and in-between. Purchase tickets online.

thurs29Schramm’s Meads, Michigan Finest Buzz | Thursday, August 29 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
Mead, defined as “a fermented alcoholic drink made from honey”, probably pre-dates either wine or beer as the ancestor of all alcoholic beverages, drunk by Greeks, Egyptians, and Vikings alike.  Chinese pottery depicting the fermentation of mead has been found dating back over 9,000 years!  This category of beverage is going through a resurgence, and a lot of it has to do with artisanal meaderies popping up throughout the USA and Europe.  One of the best in the world is located very close to us, in Ferndale, Michigan, just 33 miles away from our tree-town.  Owner Ken Schramm, the author of “The Compleat Meadmaker”, is a foremost authority in the field.  Ken himself is not able to join us this evening, but Schramm’s will be represented our fast friend Jay Friend who will happily show us a range of these great beverages, including some small batch meads that never remain on our shelves for long.  Come taste beautifully balanced, modern examples of an ancient noble drink! Purchase tickets online.