Events at the WineBar West Bloomfield

6565 Orchard Lake Rd


Join the Plum Market Wine Team for these fun and informative tastings. Sommeliers Patrick Peterson, Chris Arnold, and Madeline Triffon will provide a light-hearted exploration of the newest and best products available. Reservations are not necessary unless otherwise noted. All tastings commence at 6:30 pm and end at 8 pm, unless otherwise stated. Products will be available for purchase on site. For premium tastings, a link for on-line ticket sales is provided. Located in the Lounge of Plum Market West Bloomfield.


thurs16Post Xmas Steals, $15 and Under | Thursday, January 16 | 6:30 to 8pm | $15
Of course we’re still drinking good wine after the holiday frenzy has died down!  The question is, what to open?  Over the last couple months we’ve been pulling out special (pricey…) bottles with abandon, figuring now’s the time to share, not hoard, The Best.  But truth be told, there are plenty of modest wines that deliver pleasure, complexity, and terroir, too. We’ll showcase authentic steals from around the globe – southern Italy and France are sure to make an appearance, and own Washington State way over-delivers.  We’ll check out second labels (bumped from a winery’s ‘grand vin’), and gems made by cooperative cellars.  Buying the least expensive wine from a great producer is always a safe bet… The best buys of 2019 are still out there, and nothing’s more fun than bumping into a wine that tastes more expensive than it is! Purchase tickets online.

thurs23Dead of Winter Reds | Thursday, January 23 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
A.K.A. Wines that’ll thaw the out the flesh and kindle the spirit!  Featuring full-flavored, heart-warming wines of great diversity.  We’ll show a truly eclectic line-up from around the globe, including muscular Cabernets for sure, from Chile, Bordeaux’s Haut Médoc and Cali’s North Coast.  Rich Zins will make an appearance, maybe Ridge!  Aussie Molly Dooker’s ripe style will work well in the frigid weather, as will Orin Swift’s.  We’ll explore Europe with nippy Piedmontese Nebbiolo, dense Spanish Toro, Languedoc’s mouth-filling blends and slow-sipping Amarone.  All deep, interesting and RED! Purchase tickets online. 

thurs30The Climes They Are a-Changin’ | Thursday, January 30 | 6:30 to 8pm | $20
The ‘hottest’ topic in wine these days is climate change and how producers are coping with it. 2019 was a tough year for wine production worldwide. We lost two wineries (with 29 suffering extensive damage) and countless acres of California vineyards to fire. Wildfires also damaged winelands in Australia, Chile and Portugal. In France, the country’s highest-ever temperature, 114.6˚, was recorded in the Languedoc! It’s time to take a wine-tasting tour to assess how wine styles have been affected and to get a glimpse of future trends. We’ll examine a riveting sparkler from England, charmers from Chablis and Muscadet (less tart than in the past), a German dry Riesling, and an engaging Michigan red to witness the benefits of warmer temps. We’ll also check in on how Bordeaux, Napa, and Australia are evolving and take a look at an emerging grape, noble Touriga Nacional. This whirlwind tour will be led by our own Madeline Triffon, MS. Purchase tickets online.