bees-emailJoin Plum Market and BEE FRIENDLY for Earth Day! We’re passing out a Honey Bee Wildflower Mix that’s filled with specific varieties that bees love!

Wildflowers grow best outside, where they have access to their Honey Bee friends.  You need only a small plot of land—it can even be a window container or rooftop—to create an inviting oasis for bees. Every little bit can help! Plant these colorful beauties in the springtime with just a sprinkling of soil covering them. They thrive in both full sun and partial shade, so they’re easy to grow almost anywhere.  Lightly water every couple of days so the soil stays moist, not wet.  You’ll start to see sprouts in a couple of weeks and blooms to feed the bees all summer long!

You can find more information and Bee Facts here