Natural Wine – What’s It All About? | Thursday, October 22 | 6:30pm EST

This is a subject of passionate interest to many people these days. But pinning
down an easy definition of “natural” as it relates specifically to wine is quite confusing
… Not all not all self-proclaimed natural producers follow the same methods or have
the same philosophy. Join us as we explore and demystify the subject of Natural
Wine, asking ourselves a lot of questions! Here are some questions we’ll attack: Are
natural wines all sulfur-free? Do certifications matter? Is there a list of rules that
winemakers have to follow? Are any additives allowed in natural wine? Where do
biodynamic and organic viticulture fit in?

We’ll have the excellent company of Jason Charles, owner winemaker of Vinca
Minor. Jason and his wife Emily produce natural wines in northern California. We’ll
taste Jason’s Carignan and Chardonnay alongside two Louis Dressner selections, a
Macon Blanc from Burgundy and a Chinon from the Loire. The Dressner portfolio
has long been lauded for its natural European wine selections.

2018 Domaine Jean Manciat Macon-Charnay Franclieu | Plum Price $18.99
2018 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon | Plum Price $24.99
2018 Vinca Minor Sonoma Valley Chardonnay | Plum Price $34.99
2017 Vinca Minor Old Vines Mendocino Carignan | Plum Price: $19.99

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CHÂTEAUNEUF-DU-PARTY! | Thursday, October 29 | 6:30pm Eastern

Have you experienced the compelling wines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape?
These gloriously rich reds, redolent of the heat and herbs of France’s southern
Rhône Valley, are blends based on Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah, with up
to 13 grape varieties mingling in the festivities! Styles vary wildly depending
on the soil, cool sand vs. the warm, iconic rounded stones called “galets
roulets”. And the strong wind, if the Mistral is blowing through the vineyards, it
will keep your toes tapping. Add in the festive influence of our Party Planner
(the winemaker!), and each wine has unique personality to spare. Our Guest
List this evening will include four artisanal producers: Domaines Chante
Cigale (one of the region’s young rockstars), Domaine Charvin, Domaine
Usseglio and Château de La Font du Loup. The latter will be a rare white CDP
treat; owner winemaker Anne-Charlotte Mélia is always the life of the party!

Chateau de la Font du Loup Blanc 2018 | List: $67.00 Plum Price $54.97
Domaine Chante Cigale 2016 | List: $50.00 Plum Price $39.97
Domaine Charvin 2017 | List: $75.00 Plum Price $64.97
Domaine Pierre Usseglio 2017 | List: $62.00 Plum Price: $49.97

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