Plum Market My Rewards Program FAQs

Updated 7.31.17

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Save on the things you already buy at Plum Market with My Rewards! Enjoy $10 Rewards Cash when you earn 500 points, exclusive Rewards Coupons from every area of the store, and Rewards Circles to earn freebies on your favorite items. Just clip (+) a coupon to your Clipped List on the Rewards Tab, scan your barcode in store, and save. It’s that easy. No more carrying around coupons! If you’re already a My Rewards member, sign in with your existing My Rewards account login, all of your existing points and available rewards will be waiting for you.  If you are signing up as a new member, you can easily create a new account by selecting “Sign Up” in the app or at


What was the number one request from our guests about the My Rewards program?  More Rewards!  And that’s exactly what our recent program updates have brought you. When you login to your account online or download our new app, you’ll find 10-25 new digital coupons waiting for you at any given time! Digital coupons include your $10 Rewards Cash, Freebies, Store & Department Coupons, and Product Coupons.  And, you can use them all together for even greater savings!  Plus, you no longer need to print your coupons.  Just “clip” them by tapping the (+) next to the coupon and it is automatically added to your account.  Need help? Our Rewards Ambassadors in the stores can help get you signed on to start saving. 
Find coupons in your app or logging into your account online. Just tap the (+) next to any Rewards Coupon to unlock it. Once you find a coupon that you’d like to add, and tap the (+) next to the coupon to add it to your Clipped List on the Rewards Tab, then show your barcode to the cashier at checkout. It’s that easy!  My Rewards coupons are valid only in Plum Market stores.  They cannot be redeemed online or at satellite or airport locations.
Yes! Just go to our website,, and click on the “Member Login” link under “My Rewards” at the bottom of the page. Sign in with your registered email address and password and you will see your current points, rewards circles, and available coupons all in one convenient place. The web site works just like the app:  Before you checkout, simply find the coupons you want, tap the (+) symbol next to them, then either give the cashier your phone number or have them scan your Rewards card at the register. All of your coupons will be applied!
Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for “Plum Market.” Tap on the Plum Market app by Stellar Loyalty. On Android, tap “Install.” On iPhone, tap “Get” then “Install.” If prompted, input your Google or Apple ID password.
At the login screen in your App or your account online, click the “Forgot Password” link. Enter your registered email address, then click “Send Me Reset Password Instructions.” Your registered email address is the one where you have previously received Plum Market coupons. If you are unsure of your registered email address, please see Guest Relations. Once submitting the form, check your email. Open the password reset email from Plum Market (be sure to check your spam/junk folder) and click the password reset link. Enter a new password. You will now be able to sign into the app.
The app has five sections across the bottom of the screen, from left to right:
  1. Home: This page displays your preferred store, your current point total, and your Rewards circles. Tap “Rewards Circles” to view your progress toward discounts and freebies!
  2. Rewards: This is where your coupons live. To activate any given coupon, you must “clip” it before the cashier scans your barcode. You do this by tapping the (+) symbol to the right of the coupon. Once the symbol turns into a (-) it has been clipped and is ready to use! There are three categories on this page:
    1. Earned: This is where your $10 Rewards certificates and completed Rewards circles can be found. You will also find a 10% off coupon for downloading the app the first time you open it.
    2. Coupons: Here you will find our weekly rewards coupons as well as select product You can clip as many coupons as you want at any one time.
    3. Clipped: This page will only display the coupons that you have activated in the app. You can go back to the “Coupons” section to clip more coupons.
  3. The Card Icon: This is where you can find your rewards barcode. If you were an existing My Rewards member, this barcode will be the same as your previous card. The cashier will scan this barcode to apply all of your coupons. No more printing emails!
  4. Events: Here you can see any upcoming events at your preferred Plum Market location.

Sale:  See everything in our sales flyer right in the app! Plan out your entire shopping trip by seeing what is on sale in each department.

Rewards Circles are a fun way to earn even more Rewards. Each time you make a purchase towards an item featured in a Rewards Circle, the circle will advance to show that purchase. When you’ve purchased enough items to complete a Rewards Circle, you earn a freebie!
Once you’ve earned a freebie, a Rewards Circle Coupon will show up in the Earned List on the Rewards Tab.  Simply tap (+) the coupon to your Clipped List on the Rewards Tab, and show your barcode to the cashier at checkout.
You may redeem all the Rewards Coupons in your My Rewards list at the time of your transaction. The register will automatically give you the greatest discount applied. Rewards Coupons will only disappear after they have been applied to a transaction.  If a Reward is clipped but does not qualify for use in the transaction, the Reward will remain clipped and valid until it is used or expired. 
Yes! You may use your My Rewards Coupons with other Plum Market coupons or manufacturer coupons in the same transaction.  The register does not combine discounts on a single item, but it will automatically give you the greatest discount available for each item in your entire transaction. Rewards Coupons will only disappear after they have been applied to a transaction. If a Reward is clipped but does not qualify for use in the transaction, the Reward will remain clipped and valid until it is used or expired.
Generally, you can use each coupon only once. However, coupons that can be redeemed multiple times will reappear in your coupons list.
If you can’t find the coupon in your Rewards tab, it has probably expired. Expired coupons are automatically removed from the coupon list.
If you see a message in the message tab of the app for a coupon that does not appear on your list, it’s most likely the case that you’ve used the coupon already on a previous transaction or the coupon valid date has passed and the coupon is no longer available. If you believe this to be a mistake, visit the Guest Relations counter for additional help.
For any missed coupons, you may still apply coupons to your transaction after checking out by visiting Guest Services at your local Plum Market store with your receipt and the valid coupons in your My Rewards App. The team member will then be able to manually apply those coupons. Please note that adjustments may only be made in store using the My Rewards App, and not online.
Generally, you can use each coupon only once. However, coupons that can be redeemed multiple times will reappear in your coupons list.  Just tap the coupon to expand its complete details to learn more.
Qualifying Purchases are the purchases of all the items on which you can earn points. Rewards points are not accumulated when you purchase beer, wine, liquor, bottle deposit, sales tax, gift cards, or event catering.  Other exclusions may apply.
You can update your account information (name, phone number, email address, dietary preferences, etc.) in the My Rewards App or online by visiting If you created an account by signing in with Facebook or Google, you can change your username and password by updating your Facebook or Google profile username and password by visiting Settings on their respective platforms.

Your access tokens on your device may be out of sync. On Android, go to Settings>Apps>My Rewards>Clear Data. Then open the app and try to sign in again. On iPhone or iPad, try force closing the app, then reopen and sign in again.
At this time, the app is not optimized for the iPad. But you can easily access your account through your iPad’s browser when you visit
If you’re having trouble pulling up your barcode or the app in your Plum Market store, try connecting to our in-store guest wifi. You will need to accept the “Guest Wifi Terms & Conditions” in order to gain access to the wifi network. You may prompt this by attempting to visit a website in your mobile browser. Doing this should bring up the “Wifi Terms & Conditions” box that you’ll need to check, which should resolve any wifi network connectivity issues. Alternatively, you may also turn wifi off while shopping in store and use your cellular data network to successfully access the app (if you have a good wireless signal).
We encourage you to use either the app or your account online to take full advantage of the My Rewards program, and our Rewards Ambassadors are here to help get you signed on. Seasonally distributed printed coupon booklets are also available for you to use, but are subject to availability. Use of these printed coupons alone won’t accrue points on your account, you will still need to alert the cashier of your membership in order to collect your points.  You may use your key fob, rewards card, or phone number to receive points, but to access any of our digital coupons and offers, you will need to sign in to your account.  Digital coupons include $10 Rewards Cash, Earned Freebies, Store & Department Coupons, and Product Coupons, and there are 10-25 digital coupons available at any given time.