Turmeric is one of the hottest health trends of 2016, believed to deliver a natural energy boost with improved alertness from powerful antioxidants. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in traditional healing practices and has been praised for its ability to promote a healthy inflammation response, a healthy immune system, increased flexibility, and sharper focus.

We use only the freshest Turmeric Root in our Gold Rush Elixirs to deliver nutrient density in its highest quality. Our complex extraction process protects the whole MicroNutrients, Antioxidants, and Enzymes found only in Raw Juice, and we never use additives or fillers. Elixirs come in a variety of flavor blends that include Ginger, Orange, Lemon, Honey, Sea Salt, even Cayenne. We make them in-house daily to ensure the brightest and boldest flavors possible.  

And speaking of flavor, Turmeric is a close cousin of Ginger, giving its earthy profile a warm, spicy kick that many prefer to enjoy in one big gulp. But if you’d rather allow the benefits of Turmeric to take hold gently, our Signature Raw Juice Blends provide an excellent mellow base to balance out that Turmeric kick while also serving added nutrients from freshly juiced fruits and vegetables.

So grab a Gold Rush Elixir for your daily dose of Turmeric in these convenient and invigorating energy shots!