We love a good Moscow Mule. They’re light and refreshing, and the perfect elixir to ring in the new season, spring! 

The Moscow Mule originated in 1941 by combining two ingredients that were less than favored at the time; ginger beer and vodka. A bartender at Hollywood’s Cock ‘N’ Bull stumbled upon the odd concoction while he was simply “trying to clear out the basement”. The striking copper mugs weren’t always a most wished for item either. An immigrant  actually came to California with 2,000 of the mugs that she had designed in her father’s copper shop back in Russia. She would carry them around LA trying to sell them, until she found some buyers at the Cock ‘N’ Bull. 

The Moscow Mule has come a long way since 1941. We’ve tested different vodkas, ginger beers, and  have even tried adding our own flavors, that is until we came across the perfect recipe for a classic Moscow Mule. 


The Perfect Moscow Mule

1 knob of Fresh Ginger
2 oz Valentine Distilling Company Vodka
1 Lime, freshly juiced
Ginger Beer, we recommend Q Drinks Q Ginger Beer


  1. Fill a copper mug with ice
  2. Squeeze out the Fresh Ginger juice into the mug, using a garlic press
  3. Squeeze the Lime Juice into the mug, dropping the squeezed Lime in the mug
  4. Add Vodka, swirl
  5. Top with Ginger Beer