Dill Redskin Potato Salad

Servings: 5-7




5 Red Skin Potatoes, Cut into 1” Cubes

¾ Red Onion, chopped

1/2lbs Bacon strips (raw weight), chopped

1 Cup Just Mayo

1 Cup Sour cream

6 Tbsp Whole grain mustard

¼ Cup Dill, chopped

1 Tsp Tabasco


Black pepper



  1. Steam Potatoes until just barely done, approx. 12 minutes
  2. Dice Bacon into ¼ inch pieces
  3. Cook Bacon
  4. Add the Bacon and Potatoes to an ice bath to chill
  5. Chop Dill and Onion
  6. Mix Just Mayo, Sour Cream, Tabasco, Whole Grain Mustard, Salt, and Pepper together
  7. Fold Dill, Onion, Bacon, and Potatoes into Mayo