Good hair days are like sipping your favorite Rosé outside on beautiful day. Sometimes they happen regularly and sometimes they go, what seems like months, before showing up again. While we are all guilty of putting more stress on our strands than we should, there has to be a way to nurse it back to health on a daily basis. We’ve gathered our six favorite All Natural Hair Products to help save your locks from irreparable damage and make every day a good hair day. Scroll through for everything from shampoo and conditioner to an all natural hair spray. Head to the Body Care sections in the Apothecary of Plum Market after to add them to your routine and find more amazing strand saviors!


Restore_Grow_great_hairJane Carter Solution Grow Great Hair
Apply directly to scalp, twice daily, to stimulate blood flow, distribute nutrients, and detoxify the scalp to stimulate faster and stronger hair growth!



Alaffia Coconut Reishi Shampoo
Soothing coconut, nourishing reishi, and protective shea work together to protect and strengthen hair while gently cleansing.


ALF-10422-1Alaffia Coconut Reishi Cleansing Conditioner
Double up on the nourishing properties offered from the Reishi Shampoo, or skip the shampoo entirely and use Alaffia’s Cleansing Conditioner as an all in one Cleansing treatment for your hair.



Giovanni 2Chic Ultra-Moist Deep Deep Moisture Mask
Made with a luscious mixture of Avocado and Olive Oil to satisfy your hair’s deepest cravings. Use this mask once a week to soften rough texture and add an extra dose of hydration and nourishment.



Original Moxie Sweet Poof Volumizing Spray
Add a boost to thin, flat, dull hair with Sweet Poof Spray. Irish Moss helps build dramatic volume while natural proteins and nutrients work to plump and strengthen strands. We love Sweet Poof Spray for daytime beachy looks to nighttime glam, and everything in between.



John Masters Organics Hair Spray
This 100% Organic Flexible Hold Spray is our go to for a daily hold. Six Organic ingredients are packed into this wonder bottle for an all-day hold with a light, fresh citrusy scent.