Swap out the typical candy bars filled with questionable ingredients for clean, handcrafted, and artisan candy this year. We’ve rounded up our favorite sweet treats to pass out to trick or treaters. Find these and more at your local Plum Market.


Yum Earth: Treat your little pumpkins to Halloween candy from YumEarth. They’ll love the delicious taste. You’ll love the simple ingredients.


Lake Champlain Organic Milk Chocolates: These irresistibly delicious squares are crafted from only the best organic and fair-trade certified milk chocolate, which means they contain no artificial ingredients and no GMOs.


Enjoy Life Allergy Friendly Chocolates: No tricks here, just gluten-free, nut-free chocolate Halloween treats that everyone can enjoy! We’ve packaged our dairy-free chocolate bars into bite-size minis that are perfect for trick or treating. Now ghouls, goblins, and ghosts of all ages can enjoy allergy friendly, nut-free Halloween treats!


Zingerman’s Candy Co ZZang! Bars: If word gets out in the neighborhood that you’ve got Karamel Krunch in your candy bowl, you’ll have more adults ringing your doorbell than kids this Halloween!