If you are looking to elevate your next date night in or add sophistication to an entertaining event, Regiis Ova Ossetra Caviar from Plum Market is an excellent choice for setting your special occasion apart so you and your guests can Live Well, With Taste. Follow these simple guidelines to create a memorable dining experience

How to Serve Caviar

  • Caviar is best eaten in small quantities so every morsel can be savored. While it can be eaten all by itself in order to isolate the singular flavor of the individual eggs, accompaniments enhance the experience by creating a pleasing backdrop for the robust nutty flavor and buttery finish of the caviar.
  • Traditionally served with blinis – mini Russian pancakes made from buckwheat – buttered toasts, or crackers; caviar is best set against mild and fatty garnishes such as Crème Fraiche, butter, or chopped and separated hardboiled eggs. Chives or diced fresh onions add a bite to offset the salt and fat and round out the symphony of flavors. You can create your own accompaniment tray, or order the Russian Ossetra Caviar Tray from Plum Market’s takeaway catering selection.

How to Keep Caviar

  • Keep caviar in the coldest section of the refrigerator, and decant over crushed ice to maintain its freshness. Unopened, Regiis Ova caviar will maintain its freshness in the refrigerator for 6-8 weeks.
  • Serve caviar with a caviar spoon made from bone, glass, or mother of pearl. Avoid metal spoons or serving dishes as the metal will oxidize and impart an unpleasant flavor, spoiling the delicate subtlety of the caviar.

How Much Caviar Should I Buy?

Wondering how much caviar to purchase for your special occasion? Caviar is best consumed in small amounts, and the flavor will go a long way. We recommend 30-50 grams per guest if serving alone, and 15-25 grams if serving as a garnish or accompaniment.

What are the Best Beverages to Pair with Caviar?

When it comes to what beverages to serve alongside caviar, the two most common choices are Champagne or vodka. A clean, crisp flute of Champagne is an elegant pairing, balancing the smooth nutty flavor of the caviar perfectly. We recommend Drappier or Taittinger, but Dom Perignon and Moet et Chandon are always excellent choices. For Vodka, we recommend ice cold Beluga. You can find pairings and more at any of our Plum Market locations.

About Regiis Ova

Russian Ossetra caviar is a lustrous delight that inspires fierce loyalty. This imported elegant caviar arouses the palate with a robust nutty flavor and buttery finish. The egg color ranges from light brown to dark brown. The firm eggs gently pop as you pearl them in your mouth with complete satisfaction.

Regiis Ova (“Royal Egg” in Latin) is the new caviar company founded by Chef Thomas Keller and Shaoching Bishop, former CEO of Sterling Caviar and Tsar Nicoulai Caviar.

We believe that we could get better caviar for our customers and deliver it to them at a better price by going straight to the source. We know each farm that we buy caviar from and all the technical knowledge about how our products are made. Our mission is to support sustainable farming and provide chefs with high quality caviar at more affordable prices.  We source from the same sturgeon farms that have met the standards of Chef Keller’s restaurants.

Bishop spent six months visiting and sourcing from all the finest caviar farms around the world. This is a highly selective process whereby only a handful of sturgeon farms passes muster with us.  Caviar is then chosen for Chef Keller’s restaurants as well as for restaurant affiliates and chef events.