What is Plum Market?

We are a natural and organic grocer offering a curated selection of the best local, organic, specialty, beverage, and wellness items; everything you need to Live Well, with Taste. Established in 2007, we are passionate about delivering an assortment of products that range from the freshest, organically grown fruits and vegetables to premium meats, artisan cheese, chef crafted prepared meals, wine, craft beer, and spirits.

While we maintain a strong focus on health and sustainability, we also cater to various dietary preferences and needs, ensuring everyone can find what they’re looking for in our stores.

Could you describe the history of Plum Market?

Plum Market was cofounded by brothers Matthew and Marc Jonna, third-generation grocers who grew up working in their family’s stores featuring specialty products and wine. The small chain was ultimately purchased by Whole Foods, where the brothers took on leadership roles and eventually moved on to create their own grocery store concept in 2006 with a mission focusing on natural, organic, and locally crafted items.

The first Plum Market store opened in Bloomfield, Twp., Michigan, in 2007. The store was an immediate success, and the Jonnas quickly expanded the chain to include more full-service grocery stores, small format stores, a food service division, a catering division, and a licensing division dedicated to airport locations.

How Many Plum Market locations are there?

We currently operate more than 25 multiple-format locations across Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, and Florida.

You can shop your closest full-service grocery format stores at:

  • 3601 PLYMOUTH RD, ANN ARBOR, MI 48105

For small format, food service, and airport locations, visit our locations page on our website.

Does Plum Market offer a loyalty program?

Yes, our Plum Market My Rewards Program offers Rewards Cash, Freebies, and over 100 different product coupons on our app for you to use towards your favorite items around the store.

Signing up is easy. Download our Plum Market app on the Apple Store or Google Play, visit our website, or speak with a team member in-store. After you’ve signed up, clip your coupons and rewards, then scan your app barcode at checkout for savings on products you love. Shop our Rewards Circles to earn Rewards Cash for even more savings.

Does Plum Market offer online shopping and home delivery?

Yes, we’d love for you to take advantage of our online shopping experience for Drive Up & Delivery, which can be found here!

How does Plum Market source locally?

Plum Market has a dedicated team of buyers for each department who are constantly looking for new local vendors. They attend farmers’ markets, food shows, and other events to find new products and connect with local growers, artisans, and makers.

We also take pride in our homegrown program called “Miles to Market” which highlights products that have been sourced within a 350-mile radius of the store. This program helps our guests see how far their food has traveled to our doors and supports local farmers and businesses.

How is Plum Market different from other stores?

Plum Market is different from other grocery stores in a few key ways. First, we focus on the highest quality natural, organic, and locally sourced foods, beverages, and wellness essentials. This means that our food is fresher, tastier, and more sustainable than the food you’ll find at most other grocery stores.

We are also known for our exceptional guest service. Our team members are knowledgeable and helpful and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure their guests are satisfied.

Overall, Plum Market is a grocery store committed to providing our guests with the best possible shopping experience. We offer a wide variety of high-quality foods, focusing on exceptional guest service and locally sourced items. If you’re looking for a grocery store that’s different from the rest, then Plum Market is a great option.

Does Plum Market cater to different dietary needs?

We understand and respect the diverse dietary needs and preferences of our guests. We strive to offer a wide range of products to cater to various diets, including, but not limited to, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, organic, and paleo.

Our team carefully curates our product offerings and labels them clearly on item signage, so it’s easy to find items that suit your specific dietary requirements. Furthermore, knowledgeable team members are more than happy to help you find the products that are right for your dietary lifestyle.

What is sold in the typical Plum Market store?

A typical Plum Market store offers a diverse selection of high-quality items designed to cater to all your food, beverage, and wellness needs. Here’s what you can usually expect to find:

  1. Fresh Produce: We carry a variety of fresh, organic, and locally-sourced fruits and vegetables.
  2. Meat & Seafood: Our meat and seafood department offer everything from everyday cuts to gourmet options, including organic, grass-fed, and sustainably-sourced selections.
  3. Bakehouse, Artisan Cheese & Deli, and Chef Crafted Prepared Meals: From freshly baked breads to artisan cheeses and prepared foods, our fully staffed service counters offer a range of delicious and individualized options.
  4. Natural Grocery: Our shelves are stocked with a wide range of natural, organic, non-GMO, specialty, and traditional grocery essentials.
  5. Wine, Craft Beer, & Spirits: We offer a curated selection of local wines, craft beers, and spirits.
  6. Health, Wellness, & Natural Home: We carry natural, organic vitamins, supplements, skincare, and natural product for your home, pets, and little ones.
  7. Take Away Catering: Plum Market offers easy catering options to impress any size group.

What is the value of shopping at Plum Market?

All natural and organic products at Plum Market may seem expensive relative to their lower quality conventional counterparts but it isn’t a fair comparison. Plum Market’s offerings are higher quality, healthier, and taste better, for those guests looking for the best quality foods and wellness essentials, not offered at conventional grocery stores. Shopping at Plum Market is an investment in your health, your lifestyle, and your local community. We provide a unique selection of high-quality, organic, and locally sourced products that can be difficult to find elsewhere. We have higher standards, and provide a higher quality of service. Shopping at Plum Market is an investment in your own wellness. We believe in these products’ value in terms of exceptional taste, enhanced health benefits, and support for sustainable and ethical practices.

What is Plum Market’s approach to community involvement?

Plum Market is committed to being a good neighbor and giving back to the communities where we’ve put down roots. We have several programs and initiatives in place to support local causes, including partnering with local charities for Food Redistribution, and partnering with local schools and community organizations to raise funds for local programs. We are committed to supporting local farmers and artisans.