Plum Market Logos & Usage Guidelines

The below Plum Market logos are available for download. Users must follow provided guidelines and every effort should be made to preserve readablility.

Download the Plum Market Corporate Identity Style Guide.


Asset Downloads

Wordmark Logo, Inline – Color
Download PDF (vector) | Download JPG

Wordmark Logo, Inline – Black & White
Download PDF (vector) | Download JPG

Logodisc / Color Only
This logotype should not be displayed smaller than 1” wide, or in black & white. In such situations, defer to the Inline logo. Vertical grid alignment begins with the vertical decender of the “p,” while horizontal alignment follows the x-line of “plum.”
Download PDF (vector) | Download JPG

Plum Market Symbol
PlumMarketSymbol | Download PNG

Plum Market Kitchen, Stacked
Download PDF (vector)

Plum Market Kitchen, Inline
Download PDF (vector)

If you have any questions regarding proper usage of Plum Market logotypes, please contact our Marketing & Creative Team at Inappropriate usage of Plum Market Logotypes may result in legal action.