Mission & Values

At Plum Market we strive to inspire our Guests to Live Well, with Taste. This mission guides us through our days, and drives us in our pursuit of cultivating positive relationships within our Teams, with our Guests, and with the Communities that surround us.

Inspire with Passion

We passionately provide the highest quality food and essentials for creating a healthy lifestyle.

Inspire Through Experience

Our guests are always our top priority, and we deliver the best Plum Market experience through extraordinary service.

Inspiring Culture

We cultivate a rewarding culture of service and teamwork to encourage personal growth.

Inspire with Education

We educate our Team Members and Guests to help them identify better choices and create opportunities to better themselves every day.

Inspire Through Social Responsibility

We approach business practices and relationships with integrity and respect for our colleagues, communities, and environment.

Inspire Through Innovation

We continue to innovate and capitalize on growth opportunities to meet the needs of our communities.