Our Commitments

Whether in-store or online, we are committed to offering the very best selections of All Natural, Organic, Local, and Specialty items in a full-service shopping experience.

Commitment TO Quality

Committed to Organic & Fresh

We only stock the best quality Organic, locally grown, and peak of season, fruits and vegetables available, including hard to find exotic varieties.

Committed to Clean

We’re committed to offering the best selections of natural bodycare, vitamins & supplements, clean beauty, and green household items. Our knowledgeable team members are always on hand to help guests make informed choices.

Committed to Natural

We guarantee the All Natural Meats, Poultry, and Seafood in our counters were raised humanely and sustainably, were never given growth hormones or antibiotics, and were raised on superior all vegetarian-fed diets.

Committed to Quality

From our crave worthy recipes made from Ingredients with Integrity, to our locally sourced freshly baked breads and desserts, to our dedication to dietary lifestyles and needs, our quality and selection is unsurpassed.

Commitment TO Our Communities

Committed To Our Neighborhoods

At Plum Market we partner with local community organizations to help support our neighbors directly, through donations, volunteering, and food rescue programs.

commitment to local

Committed to Local Farmers, Makers, & Artisans

We showcase locally sourced items with our Miles to Market program, and list how many miles a product has traveled from its source to our store! Our local products typically travel less than 350 miles, or just about a tank of gas.

Committed to Sustainability

We never stop refining our approach to sustainability across each of our business units. From compostable and reusable packaging, to food recovery, to recycling programs, our dedicated Sustainability Committee is always searching for ways to be more green.

Committed to Diversity & Inclusion

Our Team Member led Diversity & Inclusion committee is dedicated to highlighting opportunities to share, learn, and grow; ensuring social equitability across our teams and our communities.