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2018 Daou Vineyards 'The Pessimist' Red Blend Paso Robles

Kikusakari "Asamurasaki" Sake 720ml

-3 SMV

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The aroma starts with black tea and fermented grapes. Fruity and tart like a saison, funky like a natural rose wine, with an herbal finish (think Ricola), Kiuchi Brewery surely achieved its goal to make a sake that stands out from the rest. A note from the brewer, “Asamurasaki is high in acidity. To balance the taste, we preserved the sweetness of the rice by using the whole grain (no milling) hence a lower SMV.” Drink chilled with foods that have bite like radishes or celery pickles.

RICE: Whole Red Rice

No sulfites, no preservatives
More Information
Country Japan
Size 720 milliliter
Sake Brand Kiuchi
Sake Type Junmai Ginjo
Sake Region Ibaraki
Sake SMV -3
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