2016 Domaine Roulot Meursault 'Mon Plaisir' Cote de Beaune

2016 Domaine Roulot Meursault 'Mon Plaisir' Cote de Beaune

2018 Chateau Cos d'Estournel St. Estephe

2018 Chateau Cos d'Estournel St. Estephe

Private Preserve - Wine Preserver 8.2g

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120 Plus Full Uses per Can

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"Private Preserve is the most cost effective, reliable, simple wine preservation system on the market.  I’ve personally used it for many years with great success.  If you use it correctly - spritzing an open bottle with 3 short and one long blast, immediately re-inserting the cork, and put the bottle in the fridge - the wine is put into suspended animation, hibernating!" - Madeline Triffon, MS 

100% Green Gas Based

Suitable for all wine, port, sake, cognac, whiskey, fine oil, and vinegar.

  • Freshness Preservation
  • Safe and Simple
  • Professionally Recommended
  • Re-cork and Store
  • Incredible Value


  1. Use each time you pour & store.
  2. Put the tip of the extension tube inside the neck of the bottle against the glass. Tube use insures maximum protection.
  3. Spray one long (1 sec.) and 4 short bursts into 750ml bottle. Larger bottles require additional sprays—add one long spray for each larger size.
  4. Recork immediately & store upright.
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Country USA - California
Size 750 milliliter
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