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Momokawa "Pearl" Junmai Ginjo Nigori Sake

Yuri Masamune Honjozo Sake 720ml

+2.5 SMV

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In line with Saiya Brewing Company’s tradition, this sake is tweaked and perfected during every phase of brewing. Maybe that special care is what makes this sake a local favorite in the Yuri region, hence “Yuri” being in the name. The locals love it for its mellow nuttiness and mild sweetness. It’s a sake they will never tire of, and you won’t either. Its flavor profile can be played with by serving at different temperatures or by serving with different grilled meats or seafood.

RICE: Hitomibore

More Information
Country Japan
Size 720 milliliter
Sake Brand Saiya
Sake Type Honjozo
Sake Region Akita
Sake SMV 2.5
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