2018 Bonny Doon 'Le Cigare Volant' Cuvée Oumuamua Monterey County

2018 Bonny Doon 'Le Cigare Volant' Cuvée Oumuamua Monterey County

2018 Mortellito Calaiancu Bianco Terre Siciliane

2018 Mortellito Calaiancu Bianco Terre Siciliane

Mirco Mariotti Bianco dell'Emilia 'Smarazen'

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Winemaker Notes:

WHY BE CURIOUS: Beach vines! Beach wines! The unique Bosco Eliceo has vines on the beach, and a long tradition of making frizzante metodo ancestrale wines with extremely old vines, some reaching more than 100 years old. Unfiltered. Locals shake lees before drinking, you should too.

WHO: the ever charming and quirky Mirco Mariotti; recreational Smarazen card player (similar to Scopa).

WHERE: Emilia-Romagna region, in the unique seacoast area of the Bosco Eliceo. Salty, sandy, windy, with alternating fog and sun makes for a dramatic place for vines to grow.

TASTE: Frizzante pressure, vinified bone dry, sea salt, cool yellow fruits.

REGION: Emilia-Romagna.

GROWING AREA: Bosco Eliceo

FARMING: Practicing organic.


ALTITUDE: -1 m / -3 ft (first negative elevation wine we have).

SOILS: 89% sand, 7% clay, 4% lime.

VARIETIES: 70% Trebbiano Romagnolo and 30% Malvasia di Candia [non aromatica].

VINE AGE: Extremely old vines. Almost 80 years old vines (planted in 1952), and ultra 100 year old vines on native rootstock (piede franco). Some vines grow on the web-mother of all training systems: Propaggine.

VINE TRAINING: Renewed cordon and Guyot. Vine roots are 1.5 meters deep.

HARVEST DATE: Beginning of September.

YEASTS: first fermentation in tank with native yeasts and then second done in bottle with addition of grape must from same year.

FERMENTATION: 20 days, 18°C without temperature control, 1 day on the skins.


SULPHUR: 50 mg/L total.

ALCOHOL: 11.5%.


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