2021 Brand 'Electric Acid Test' Chardonnay Pfalz

2021 Brand 'Electric Acid Test' Chardonnay Pfalz

2018 Borgo Maragliano La Caliera Moscato D'Asti Piedmont 375ml

2018 Borgo Maragliano La Caliera Moscato D'Asti Piedmont 375ml

2022 Borgo Maragliano 'Monticelli' Brachetto Piedmont

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Winemaker Notes:


After harvest, the Brachetto grapes are destemmed and transferred to a pneumatic press in preparation for cryo- maceration. Cryo-maceration extracts and stabilises both colour and aromatic substances. After this first operation, which lasts five to six hours, the grapes are soft pressed. The product obtained (grape juice) is filtered and chilled to 0 °C to prevent fermentation. Each individual batch is then put in a pressurised tank which retains the carbon dioxide and warms the product, which is still completely sugary, to a temperature of 15 °C. This promotes the fermentation process which is allowed to continue until an alcohol content of 6.0% vol. is reached. The product, which is now Piemonte Brachetto, is chilled to a temperature of 0 °C to block fermentation. The wine is bottled at the beginning of November.


Purplish ruby red, with fragrances of wild rose and strawberry. Floral and musky notes, with scents of forest fruits. Aromatic and balanced palate intensely flavoured with balsamic notes. The scent of “nutmeg” is quite unique.


Served at a temperature of 8-12 °C in crystal glasses, it accompanies desserts and is excellent with fresh fruit.

More Information
Country Italy
Region Piedmont
Vintage 2022
Winery Borgo Maragliano
Grape Varietals Brachetto
Size 750 milliliter
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