The Henry Ford

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Plum Market Kitchen

In partnership with The Henry Ford, this Plum Market Kitchen location is activating the stories of family farms and natural foods in bold new ways. Taste American farm-fresh foods at a new signature dining experience in Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.

This Plum Market Kitchen is open to the public (no museum ticket or membership required) with a convenient entrance from the museum visitors’ parking lot on Oakwood Boulevard.

Our shared respect for Michigan farmers and food lovers is a firm foundation for the first Plum Market Kitchen in a cultural destination. Together, we can showcase foods that result from a deep connection between local growers of organic, sustainable and artisanal foods and local businesses that ensure access to well-prepared food.

Exclusive Discount for The Henry Ford Members

Show your membership card to save 10% on fresh, chef-crafted menu items, Zingerman’s coffee and kid-friendly options.

Hours of Operation

9:30am – 5pm

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