Copper & Kings Apple Brandy

APPLE SIDECARA traditional Sidecar is as simple as a cocktail comes: three ingredients—cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice—shaken with ice and strained into a glass, ungarnished. It’s a no-nonsense holdover from the roaring ’20s, and an indisputably valuable addition to anyone’s classic cocktail arsenal. And you can make it that simply, with two parts cognac, […]
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THIS JUST IN: Locally Grown Lavender

THIS JUST IN: Lavender bunches locally grown in Greenwood, MI, are now available at all Michigan Plum Market locations for $17.99. Five Ways to Use Lavender Around the House1. Grilling: Tie fresh lavender and fresh rosemary into a bundle and place it on the grill with your favorite meat (lamb is particularly yummy with lavender). […]
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Plum Market Named One Of The 20 Best Regional Supermarkets by Food & Wine Magazine

Click Here to Read Full Article. Rattle around this country like a marble in a half-empty tin for a few years, and you learn, eventually, that as much as things stay the same, they are often quite different, radically different, particularly when we talk about the way Americans do their grocery shopping. From historic […]
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Thank you, Plum Market Super Heroes!

I want to extend a Super Big Thank You to Plum Market’s Team Members who are true Super Heroes.  They continue to provide all the essentials for our guests to care of their families at home.  We set a high expectation to give the very best Guest Service, and I am proud to say that […]
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CEO’s Update on Ongoing Safety Efforts

Dear Plum Market Guests:We are committed to supporting the health and safety of our guests and Team Members with our ongoing safety efforts. This week we are unveiling even more measures to make it easier for everyone to safely navigate our stores. In the coming days we will be launching the following initiatives and expect to […]
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Thank You First Responders!

  Thank you to the first responders, nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers that are working tirelessly on the front lines. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication in combating COVID-19. Your selfless actions make you a true hero. In an effort to show our gratitude, we delivered chef crafted meals from the Kitchen of our […]
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Updated Safety Measures

    Dear Plum Market Guests:   Please know health and safety is paramount at this time and we are committed supporting our guests and Team Members in every way possible. In addition to our latest safety measures, I have officially designated a Director of COVID-19 Operations who is ensuring our compliance with all the latest CDC and local […]
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How Plum Market is Supporting Its Team Members

For weeks, our incredible team members have played a key role as our guests turn to us during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether they’re stocking shelves, assisting guests, or ensuring our stores are clean and safe, our team are showing up as heroes for our guests. In recognition of the hard work and dedication that each team […]
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An Update From Our CEO

Dear Plum Market Guests: I am writing to update you on Plum Market’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve always taken great pride in the cleanliness of our stores. In these unprecedented times our safety and sanitary procedures continue to evolve.  I wanted to take a moment to announce the latest updates we’ve rolled out […]
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